About Steve

My name is Steve Ringham. I’m a Surrey-based photographer who mainly shoots events, head shots, and portraits. I am also working on several long-term documentary projects. My images are both digital and film-based.

I love shooting events as they unfold. I work instinctively to capture that never-to-be-repeated moment. The adrenaline buzz can be addictive! But for me, there’s also an intriguing and contemplative discipline that goes with planned portraits and project work that appeals to both the logical and creative sides of my brain.
My first job after school was as a trainee medical photographer in London in the mid 1980’s. For the next 20 years, I maintained my interest while not really pushing myself. Then in 2000 I picked up my first digital camera and my passion was rekindled. A DSLR followed in 2007 and I started taking my art seriously, both in terms of what I could create and what I can achieve.
That’s my past.
My present is that I’m in a place, metaphorically and physically, where I enjoy my photography. My experience and current skill set means that I can produce consistently good images, whether it’s for the family album or the assignments that are becoming more frequent.
And my future? That’s where you can join me. I see so many opportunities to take my work to new levels and in new directions. Bring me your visions, your visual desires, and I will tell you how I can make that happen for you.

And together, we can make something remarkable…

Imagineyes Photography

The world is full of “good enough” imagery.

But that’s not “good enough ” for me!. 

My mission is to produce photos that stand out from the crowded marketplace of photography. To produce images that tell stories, carry memories and reflect your values.
Hire me and I will help the world see you how you want to see yourself, your life, your work.

93 Bishops Way Egham Surrey 
TW20 8EL
(+44) 07980 014795