Tear Sheet & Competitions

A tear sheet shows a collection of published work, whether in print (you literally tear the sheet out, hence the name) or nowadays, online. You could argue that anything on the Internet and beyond, constitutes publication. But the intent here, at least, is to showcase a creator’s work that has been published at someone else’s request. You what I mean!

When I was at school, the NME, along with Melody Maker, was the paper to read, and to be seen reading. But it’s been a slow decline since those days (for the NME and me!) and the last printed cover hit the streets in March 2018. Here is a shot of mine from the 2016 AIM Awards, featuring Stormzy.

A competition winner now. One of my photos from my journeys to Kerala, India. Three generations, all working to collect and recycle plastic waste. Years ago, the big bags might have been filled with spices.

 Photo of 3 generations of Malayalees working at their plastic collection shop in Kerala, India.

My winning entry for the BBC Staff photo competition. The category was “The Green World”